Thursday, August 10, 2006

I was $150 richer for about a week. On August 4th an "encoding error" deposited $150 in my new TD Banknorth account. What a surprise! Yay for free money. Then I thought well, someone had to have deposited that money. Where did it come from? Who's missing their mortgage payment? What orphanage can't buy medications? The children! Well, I wasn't so woried about that, but I wanted to do the right thing.
So today I went into the branch, told them about the deposit, and waited for ... well, something. They thanked me and said the money would come out of my account soon. Hmm. No pat on the back. No Good Job Chris! And especially no "you can keep it for being so honest." I guess it's the boy scout motto cropping up in my life. Do a good turn daily. You know, like walking old ladies across the street and not expecting any reward.
I can buy that, but deep down I still think I'm expecting some sort of dharmic/karmic reward, like finding a $150 bill in the gutter [I know, shush.] A good deed is it's own reward. Yeah, I guess so, but then again No good deed goes unpunished. So at least I have that to look forward to. Good times. Posted by Picasa

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