Sunday, February 05, 2006

Found Punk - a photoset on Flickr
Val saw this album in the trash and was tempted to take but persuaded not to. The next day it appeared stuck in her door, with some pictures blown down the street. We collected them, I scanned them, and here they are.
The band featured is Circle of Shit. Some dude was quoted in the PW remembering Circle of Shit. From their site:

"I remember it was at Love Hall, which has since burned to the ground, but used to be located at the corner of Broad and South," says Gregg Finizio. "It was a great bill: Hüsker Dü, the Minutemen, a couple other bands I can't remember, and a local band called Circle of Shit."

The Dead Milkmen even mention them in a song

We are not Blunder Boys
We are not Circle of Shit
We are not F.O.D.
We are not an art fag band

Good times. It all reminds me of Cory Doctorow's story Craphound

The photo of my Dad posing sent me whirling through time to Toronto's Muscle Beach in the east end, and hearing the tinny AM radios playing weird psychedelic rock while teenagers lounged on their Mustangs and the girls sunbathed in bikinis that made their tits into torpedoes.

It all made poems. The old pulp novels and the pawn ticket, when I spread them out in front of the TV, and arranged them just so, they made up a poem that took my breath away.

Yeah so that's it. Enjoy


Phillip said...

Hey, cool photoset! I think this is the show that guy is talking about.

Lex10 said...

I love it - "murder your friends" - guns - then.....kitties!

illovich said...

I posted something in one of the flickr phots, but to add to your research, the singer (?) of Cirle of Shit, Brubaker, was also the owner of Chaos Records (4th and South) in the mid 80s when I was a young dumbass coming up.

Brubaker, unlike the stereotype of the cool record shop guy, was really nice to me and always helpful about finding records I would like instead of just ignoring me or acting to cool or whatever.

I don't know what happened to him, but I always appreciated it. And when I went there and found Chaos gone, I was real bummed.

Anonymous said...

brubaker is an electrican living in philly....still looks the same

Gary Hednick said...

Bru is the fuckin' man. Saw him at the Kyber not so long ago. I still have the C.O.S. demo from backintheday.

Underage drinking was just so much fun....

woody said...

I was at the rutgers dead kennedys show and saw them later at blue horizon ballroom (or it may have been earlier). Some other highlights, Ruin at Abes , black flag at the east side club, Fang at the community center on lancaster ave. captain beefheart at emerald city. Husker du at the opera house etc

Jim said...

Yeah! I got my head kicked in by a stage diver at that Blue Horizon Dead Kennedys show.

Liam said...

Circle of Shit gets a brief mention in an anti-punk rant by one of the subjects of Jeff Krulik's amazing documentary, "Heavy Metal Parking Lot"

I think you can watch the entire film here:

eagleapex said...

For my own references, this is the link to the bOINGbOING post: Link.

Dan said...

Jim, YOU got your head kicked in by a stage diver at that show? Black Damien dove out of the BALCONY and everyone saw him coming but me. He landed right on my head. I heard bells ringing for days!

Mickey said...

I can top you all at that Dead Kennedys gig! The whole gig Jello was complaining about the amount of dancing/stage diving. At the last song, he dove off the stage and cracked me in the head. The side of my bean was numb for two days.

I remember that black dude take a dive off of the balcony as well! That could be one of the single most insane acts at a show I've ever seen. (Not nearly as insane as my effort to mosh in my late 20s -- I proceeded to wrench my back, like a true oldhead.)

In any case, Circle of Shit theme was "hate edge". Brubaker had like a scary rep proceeding him (can't even remember why/what), but he always seemed pretty nice in interactions I had with him at his record store...

Anonymous said...


this is mary long. i'm not positive, but that loooks like me in the one flick posted on boing boing. I'm at the far right of the shot. I knew all the C.O.S guys, steve, Dave angel, the bass player I cant remember, and Joey anthony Perez, and rick dobrowalski who was their manager. can you let me see the rest? this is my husband's account, he knew JAP and some of the others too

best regards

eagleapex said...

All the pictures are in the Flickr Photoset linked above. Also, Mikey got the originals back.
Thanks for looking!

Mikey Mumbles said...

You guys make this out to be too much..I am the guitar player, Mikey Mumbles...I dont remember any of you people--it was my photos of my cats, my girlfriend,taken by my other girlfriend and mistakenly left behind-when your girls are photographers, there are many.many photo albums..I did get it back-no mystery--were all right here in Philly and aware and all that stuff-I was in The blessed muthas for 8 years...ha..blow it out yr ass

Qik Live player