Monday, February 20, 2006

Get a JOB!

Career expert Laurence Boldt, author of "Zen and the Art of Making a Living," calls it your life's work, and says you can find your calling by asking yourself these questions:

1. Who am I? What do you care deeply about? Your life's work will support your ideals and anchor them in the everyday world of action.

2. How can I serve others? Your life's work is your way of making the world a better place. It's using your interest and aptitudes to make a meaningful contribution to something you care about.

3. What do I love to do? No matter how noble your ideals and aspirations, you must bring joy and innate talent to your work if you are to be truly successful. Think about what you enjoy doing and what you are naturally good at.

4. What would I be willing to dedicate to enough to persist to excellence? Quality and achievement have their price. What endeavors would you be willing to make sacrifices for and give your all to?

Together, these questions should point you toward a path. Once you've identified some possible occupations, Boldt suggests you run them through the following checklist:

Do I have the skills necessary to work in the field? If not, is the amount of training required to gain the skills acceptable?

Would it give me a work environment I could excel in?

Would it allow for maximum expression of my creativity?

Would it provide me with opportunities for continued growth and development?

Would I actually be serving the people I most want to help?

Would I be working with the kind of people who would stimulate, challenge and support me?

Would I earn an acceptable amount of money?

Are the likely trade-offs and sacrifices I would have to make feasible and acceptable?

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